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Avybe Software Engineer Internship

Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

Avybe is a reinvented media platform where social media creators can create authentic content their viewers desire

Avybe logo

Worked in a React Native enviroment to create new features for the Avybe mobile application

Worked with a team of UI/UX developers to apply new styles to the mobile and web app

Weekly stand ups and code reviews

Used the Avybe API in a Django/Python enviroment to perform CRUD actions

Node.js Login/Authentication Service

A login and authentication service built with Node/Express/Mongodb Atlas.

Built with JavaScript using Node and Express libraries.

Back-end validations and error handling ensure a smooth user experience and protect the database from 'bad' data.

Easy to implement and customize in any MERN stack application.

Database services provided by MongoDB Atlas.

Uses JSON Web Token and Bcrypt to provide secure confidental account access.

Chat Application

Create an account and user avatar

Create/Join public and private channels and talk with other users

Built with Javascript, HTML and CSS using React/Redux and Google Firebase services.

Login and authentication services provided by Google Firebase.

Supports image uploads, emoji and custom color themes.

Database & Storage services provided by Google Firestore.

Pet Assistant

Keep track of medications, vet appointments, feeding and notes for all your pets.

Built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and the React/Redux libraries.

Ruby on Rails was used to set up CRUD routes, create data models and ensure data security.

React and Redux were an easy way to retrieve and render data to users.

Database powered by SQlite3.